Container Pop-Up Cafes

Pop-Up Container Cafes

Nexus Pop-Up Cafés offer a very attractive modification of the 20 ft and 40 ft shipping container. With a flick of a switch, this normal-looking shipping container shown below is transformed into a stylish modern café with all of the accompanying equipment.

Biz-In-A-Box Container Cafe

More Pop-Up Cafes

Railroad Pop-Up Cafe Fabricated From a 20' Shipping Container

20 ft Pop-Up Container Cafe

20 ft Pop Up Container Cafe

Pop-Up 20 ft Container Restaurant

This fully equipped pop-up restaurant was fabricated from a 20' shipping container -  Comes with built in seating

40 ft Semi-Permanent Container Bar and Grill

40 ft Pop Up Container Restaurant

Mobile Container Cafes

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